Prepared and Efficient
by Investing in People, Equipment,
and Technology

Knowing the Weigh Since 1981

Rory Ward, Entrepreneur

Quality Scales Unlimited is a family business owned and managed by Rory Ward, an entrepreneur with a BS in Chemical Engineering from The University of California at Davis.

Rory purchased Scales Unlimited in 2008 and Quality Scale in 2010. Quality Scales Unlimited became a blend of these two established successful scale businesses. Ward acts as the company’s general manager and chief financial officer and is always seeking ways to improve the operations of Quality Scales Unlimited.

250 Years of Combined Experience

The merge of Scales Unlimited with Quality Scale gives Quality Scales Unlimited over 250 years of combined scale sales and service expertise.  At Quality Scales Unlimited our greatest asset has always been people.  Our staff offers an unparalleled breadth of technical experience and product knowledge to help evaluate your weighing problems.  We take pride in our work want to provide the best service experience for our customers.  We have a dedicated staff with longevity.  Many of our service technicians have at least five years of scale experience and some fifteen plus years.

Strategy for Future Success

Quality Scales Unlimited commits to being prepared and efficient by investing in people, equipment, and technology.  We challenge ourselves to provide scale service that is of the highest quality.  Our office support strives for our documentation to be flexible, customized and also of the highest quality. The sales team focuses on evaluating customers’ needs and determining the best solution for them.

Our Values

Quality Scales Unlimited prides itself on a work environment based on traditional work ethics with a focus on the three values below.

  • Achieve More Together
    Be a team player. A team player understands the goals of the team, and puts the team’s success first, even when it requires personal sacrifice. A team player gives 100% every day, knows their own strengths and weaknesses, welcomes constructive criticism, has awareness about how their actions impact others, invests time and energy into improving the entire team and themselves, is open to change and appreciates new perspectives and developments.
  • Learn Something New Every Day
    Be a lifelong learner. A lifelong learner is self-motivated to continually and consistently prioritize learning for personal and professional growth. A lifelong learner carves out time for reading, learning new skills, teaching, side projects, journaling, thinking, watching educational television, exploring, physical activities, and meeting new people. A lifelong learner is never too old to learn.
  • Deliver A Superior Product
    Be proud of your work. Having pride in work means using professional knowledge when determining customer wants, consistently exceeding expectations, being entirely accountable for work delivered (even when working as a team), taking great pride in delivering a superior product, admitting to and learning from mistakes, attempting to make every impression great, making the most of every minute, and giving people tangible reasons to praise and recommend you.