How Advanced Truck Scale Technology Impacts Farming

farming scales

Just like any other business, high-volume farming depends on the right tools and equipment as much as the product itself. Modern weighing technology is highly customized for each industry, providing high accuracy and dependability in various applications.
Farm truck scales are designed to streamline farming and harvest management at every stage, all the while ensuring that products are weighed precisely. Since profits in agriculture are determined by product weight, modern-day farmers should explore the advantages offered by modern weighing technology.

Some Advanced Truck Scale Systems for Farming

Here are some of the most advanced farm truck scale systems available today:

  1. On-Board Truck Scales – These scales can be used to accurately measure heavy loads. On-Board Truck Scales are installed directly onto vehicles to provide instant readings and don’t require any external weighing equipment. An on-board truck scale can speed up the weighing processes and improve productivity.
  2. Portable Truck Axle ScalesPortable truck scales are the most flexible and versatile are the most flexible and versatile weighing equipment for farmers. They’re highly accurate, they can be moved around as needed, and they cost less than on-board scales. These scales are particularly helpful for farmers working in multiple fields. (Axle scales are used to monitor overloaded and under loaded axle weight, but cannot be used to produce certified weights.)
  3. Wide-Deck Truck Scales – Wider deck truck scales may be needed to weigh oversized farming machinery. Like other on-site scales, these wider farm truck scales are designed to weigh heavy-duty machinery in farming operations. The width of these scale decks can be customized to the width required for your operation’s specific farming equipment. This makes a wide-deck truck scale ideal for farmers using a variety of machinery.
  4. Galvanized Truck Scales– These farm truck scales are designed for large-scale outdoor and on-site weighing; they’re galvanized to increase their durability. They typically require less maintenance or service than other weighing equipment. Contact your scale service provider for service and maintenance. Galvanized truck scales are ideal for use in rugged environments or harsh climates.
  5. Grain Dump Truck Scales– Grain dump truck scales are designed to quickly and accurately weigh grain. Grain dump truck scales feature a grating system that expands over the truck’s whole length, but the scale can also be placed near a grain dump area. This type of farm truck scale is perfect for holding grain while it’s weighed.
  6. Weighbridge Truck Scales– Weighbridge Truck Scales are the most popular truck scales because they are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Weighbridge truck scales are offered in standard widths and lengths with various capacities. It is best to consult your scale service provider for the best solution for your farming needs. Weighbridges are ideal for farmers dealing with high-volume operations and may be installed above-ground or in a pit. Contact your scale service provider for advice on whether your site is best suited to an above ground or pit foundation.
  7. Portable Truck Scales– Portable Truck Scales offer convenience and flexibility because they can be moved from site to site with ease of break down and reassembly. Portable Truck Scales offer legal for trade weights and accuracy.

All of the Truck Scale options can be customized with tracking, monitoring and remote access/control. These features can help farmers meet the rules, regulations and restrictions that apply to handling and transporting products as well as streamlining their operation.

It is best to weigh the cost, features and functionality of farming scales against the specific requirements of your operation. At Quality Scales Unlimited, we can help you customize a system as per your needs.

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