Asphalt Deflector for Truck Scales

Blog Post by Mitchell Barker & Jesse Wetherell

Asphalt Deflector for Truck Scales

Quality Scales Unlimited has several customers that specialize in making asphalt and concrete. Many of our customer’s asphalt and concrete plants have a series of silos above a truck scale to accurately dispense their products into their customer’s trucks. Frequently, our customer’s product accidently spills onto the truck scale deck. When asphalt deflectors are installed, it keeps the spilled product from falling off of the truck scale deck.

When purchasing a new truck scale for a silo “load out” application, Quality Scales Unlimited can include a custom, factory installed 8” C-Channel asphalt deflector to prevent asphalt or concrete from falling down the sides and below the scale, where the material will harden, quickly making it difficult to remove. This “spillage” problem can cause mechanical binds (resulting in weighing inaccuracies), melted load cell cable and can destroy summing boxes, some of which renders the scale inoperable! Our service technicians have found that asphalt spillage on the truck scale can cause major downtime for companies working in harsh environments.

The 8” C-Channel asphalt deflector is welded upright on the scale’s deck. Having the deflector factory installed onto the equipment before the scale is situated, will help prevent any down time caused by the need for repairs or the after-the-fact installation of the deflector on an existing truck scale.

If you have any additional questions about this product, or questions regarding your scale needs, please contact us at Quality Scales Unlimited!

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