Belt-Way Scales: New Technology – “19” Remote Display”

19inch remote display

Quality Scales Unlimited takes pride in applying the most innovative technology to our customer’s weighing application requirements. We focus on integrating new scale technology to help our customers achieve the highest level of efficiency and production to meet their needs.

A new innovation in the scale industry is the introduction of a Belt-Way Scales 19” remote display (monitor) that works in conjunction with their belt scale systems. We have installed a number of the 19” remote displays at customer sites with great satisfaction. The Belt-Way 19” Remote Display allows the operator to monitor their scales from a central location. The display provides users with live running accumulated totals, tons per hour and belt speed. In addition to live monitoring, the remote display can provide graphs and other production reports.

The Belt-Way remote display is connected to each scale via Ethernet, allowing for communication over long distances. We have utilized this remote display in many industries including: aggregates, mining, portable crushing, wood processing, food processing, scrap, agriculture, and many more.

Additionally, the Belt-Way 19” remote display is connected to a keyboard and mouse allowing the user to reset totals and perform zero calibrations from the control room. The user can view multiple totals and calibration values at the same time. Other features include data logging of production to Excel files, monitoring from smart phones or tablets, and remote connection from an FTP client. The display that QSU endorses can accommodate up to 24 belt scales. The size gives you a full screen ability to interface with and see the belt scale visuals. Our customers have been extremely impressed with the remote display’s ability to improve operation and efficiency.

If you are interest in Belt-Way products or these products in particular, please contact the Quality Scales Unlimited Sales Team. We would be glad to provide you with more information.

Please Note: All material, information and pictures were provided via Belt-Way Scales website.


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