How Conveyer Belt Scales Have Changed the Mining Industry?

conveyor belt scale in mining industry

Success in the mining industry relies heavily on accurate weight data. This data provides valuable insight into the efficiency, profitability, and a company’s compliance with industry regulations. Conveyor belt scales give you accurate data and allow you to gather this information.

Important Features of Conveyor Belt Scales for the Mining Industry

Advantages of a conveyor belt scale include:

  • High efficiency
  • More convenient than in-ground scales
  • Increased throughput and productivity
  • Low operating costs
  • Reliable production data

The use of on-board conveyor belt scale in the mining industry has risen sharply over the past few years. This could be tied to the fact that businesses are looking to improve efficiency and throughput while reducing their overhead costs. At the same time, these companies are interested in reducing the time wasted at a single scale unit or a single station that would have to weigh truckloads of material.

Conventional weighing approaches fell short in plants and mines, especially in throughputs and production rates. This shortcoming necessitated the introduction of on-board conveyor belt scales. With this new approach, devices are integrated into onboard rails, conveyor belts and other components of mining equipment. These devices boast of highly perceptive electronic and pressure-aided technology that determines the weight of loaded weights accurately. One of the advantages of this is businesses can now obtain the actual weight of materials during conveyor transport. Since the load doesn’t have to be taken off of the conveyer belt and disrupt their operations during conveyor transport, this on-board technology helps to minimize the overall time required for measuring loads.
Lower labor costs and the elimination of redundant stages Is another added benefit. For increased accuracy, the scales also offer 3D volumetric scanning technology. Users can troubleshoot and monitor mining operations such as material density, fragmentation, bed volume and load position.

Modern scales also come with state-of-the-art specifications, such as having multiple scale units. Users can take advantage of the intuitive communication protocols to control multiple functions from a single interface. The features of the interface itself make it easy for users to control and interpret information. Additionally, they are designed to be as accurate and durable as possible.

How Conveyor Belt Scales Can Be Important to the Mining Industry

Conveyor belt scales are used for screening and measuring quantities from extraction, relocation, first and second crushing, processing to storage. Obtaining this information accurately through all the stages is important. While it optimizes the efficiency of mining equipment, it also offers maximum production at the least possible cost.

The conveyor belt scale gives the measurement of minerals from extraction to storage at different operational speeds.

The following are some features of conveyor belt scales.

  • Measures and relays results such as total calculations and average weights
  • Has large ergonomic and clear display and keypad
  • Large internal memory that keeps daily weights and belt speed measurements
  • Modular construction and simple operations for accuracy

Why Conveyor Belt Scales are a Great Solution in the Mining Industry

The introduction of these scales brings numerous advantages to the mining industry. They successfully replaced the conventional and poorly functioning weighing equipment when they were introduced. Conveyer belt scales helped eliminate ineffective measurement that led to inaccurate data. This also helped eliminate any unfavorable business decisions that might have been made based off of that inaccurate data. In addition to relaying precise weight data, this scale obtains and stores data that its predecessors could not, thanks to its advanced technology and expansive internal memory.

The older approaches had a high investment in labor and financial capital which was reduced by the introduction of conveyor belt scales. Conveyer belt scales also aid miners and managers in analyzing details and determining the efficiency of their equipment. This gives the ability to recognize when you may want to consider replacing ineffective equipment with newer models.

The mounting brackets and pre-mounted frames of conveyor belt scales offer a higher level of convenience for installation of the scales on site. Another added benefit is that newer scales are more energy efficient. With all of these benefits they have to offer, a conveyer belt scale can be a helpful asset to mining companies and is something to consider investing in. Contact Quality Scales Unlimited for more details.

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