How Can a Dirty Truck Scale Cost You Money?

Dirty Truck Scale

A good way to remain in compliance and prevent downtime is by properly maintaining truck scales. If a scale is dirty or has a build-up of debris and material it can lead to various problems like inaccuracy and potentially cut down the life of the scale. Repairs or the need to purchase a new truck scale can be avoided by some basic maintenance.

  • Increased Chances of Rust and Corrosion

Dirty scales tend to hold moisture. It is important to allow the scales to properly dry out, thus preventing issues like rust, corrosion and damage to electrical components. Replacing rusty or corroded components, rather than performing preventative maintenance and cleaning out of the scale, can be less cost-effective in the long run. This maintenance can include inspection of the truck scale and/or the pit. It may also be beneficial to check whether the pump(s) in the pit are in good working order.

  • Seasonal Environmental Wear and Tear

During spring and fall, rainfall and debris is more likely to be found in the scale. Left inside, it can freeze if the temperature drops. The frozen components in the scale can lead to the scale not functioning properly. Cleaning out debris or frozen water can help prevent critical components, such as the load cells, from being damaged.

  • Accelerates Steel Deterioration

Scales can deteriorate due to dirt, moisture or debris. If the scale is dirty, it can cause friction and shorten the life of the scale. Friction and binds between the scale and scale wall will also affect the readings of the scale. The degradation of steel may eventually lead to the replacement of the steel scale components. Cleaning debris and relieving binds can help prevent wear and tear of the scale’s components. Another way to increase the lifetime of these parts is having a grease job performed.

  • Inaccuracy in Weight Readings

Dirty scales have a higher chance of giving inaccurate weight results and make your scale weigh out of tolerance. Having your scales serviced properly by a professional scale company at intervals that meet your needs is an effective method of ensuring your scale stays calibrated and performs within tolerance.

In Conclusion

Staying on top of preventative maintenance and having regular calibration will help your scale perform well and last for many years of service. Contact Quality Scales Unlimited for any quotes or assistance we may provide.

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