Eight Industries that Benefit from Floor Scales

warehouse floor scales

Industrial floor scales are used to weigh large, heavy or oversized objects. These scales have many capabilities, options and features, which make them useful in several industries. In this article, we will focus on four industries that benefit from floor scales.

  • Retail & Commercial
  • Floor scales are quite common in the retail and commercial industry as they offer high weighing capacities. Floor scales can also offer checkweighing and parts counting functions, making floor scales an essential tool. Commercial businesses can use these scales to maintain accurate records of all the available stock and ensure that a standardized product is accurately packed and distributed for sale.

  • Veterinary & Farming
  • Farmers and veterinarians work with livestock and animals on a daily basis. Platform scales are perfect for weighing livestock as they have a low profile, making it easy to lead the animals on to the weighing platform. These scales can have inclined ends or ramps to help the animals go up on the scales. It is essential for farmers and veterinarians to be able to weigh animals as an animal’s weight indicates its health and well-being. The weight of the animal is required to calculate the dosage of nutritional supplements and medicine the animals may require. Farmers and veterinarians also use industrial floor scales to weigh the animals to determine how much food and water they need. The feed can also be weighed on the scales. Since many scales have built-in computers, they can calculate the amount of feed required for each animal, which helps farmers distribute feed with accuracy.

  • Industrial Sector
  • Floor scales are used in manufacturing plants, shipping yards, factories and industries with large warehouses. These warehouse floor scales have high capacities and are ideal for weighing oversized crates and inventories consisting of large pallets. Moreover, they can also have parts counting and checkweighing functions that can help you improve inventory control.

  • Food Industry
  • In the food industry, powders, liquids, and solids are mixed together in order to make fixed recipes. One of the best ways to determine the amount of material in a container is by weighing it on a scale. Businesses in the food industry could use drum scales or large floor scales for measuring the required ingredients and finished recipes.

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial floor scales are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes for measuring and monitoring the weight of patients and animals and also for weighing medical waste prior to disposal. Available in a variety of weighing capacities and sizes, floor scales are easy to move and can be specifically designed to automatically deduct the weight of wheelchairs from the total weight.

  • Aviation
  • The airline industry heavily relies on the accuracy and sturdiness of industrial floor scales for the weighing of luggage. Luggage comes in every shape and size so when it comes to airplane safety, it is important to ensure that the cargo being transported does not exceed the permissible limits. Industrial floor scales deliver accurate and reliable readings in real-time and make the entire process quick and convenient.

  • Waste and Recycling industry
  • Companies that pick up residential and commercial waste use floor scales for weighing and charging customers. Industrial floor scales also help recycling plants maintain accurate records of how much waste they pick up and recycle day in and day out.

  • Commercial Laundry Services
  • Hotels, schools, hostels, restaurants and other big organizations often use commercial laundry services. These laundry services handle high amounts of laundry every day and so they rely on floor scales for weighing the laundry. Industrial floor scales help them determine how much laundry can be washed at one time so they can charge clients accordingly.

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