Five Technological Advancements in Portable Truck Scales

portable truck scale

Portable truck scales are a sought after scale solution in numerous industries. These scales are versatile and can be moved easily from one location to another. They are mainly used for weighing heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, railcars, trailers, and for weighing the loads that these vehicles carry.

Over the past few years, portable truck scales have made technological developments that allowed them to be more efficient and accurate.

  1. Evolving Design Options

    There are two primary types of portable truck scales — the portable axle scales and portable wheel weighers (or weighing pads).

    Each design offers unique benefits to the users integrating the scales into their weighing processes. Portable axle scales allow you to weigh inputs in rough and rugged environments which demand a heavy-duty scale. On the other hand, wheel weighers help in calculating and managing the load weights with greater versatility as compared to axle scales.

    Though they are quite similar in their functionality, they differ in set-up time required, durability and resilience.

  2. Use of Stronger Components

    Stronger components prove to be an extremely important aspect that gives the modern weighing system a huge boost. Portable scales can be made out of various types of metals, like aluminum and stainless steel for example, but most of the current systems are made of painted mild steel. Since steel is one of the strongest metals available, it has the ability to withstand harsh elements through years of use. This makes a big difference since portable axle scales are generally used in locations that have harsh conditions.

    The use of stronger components in modern weighing systems ensure that they don’t get damaged easily, prolonging the life of the scale. Stainless steel can reduce the repair and replacement costs, which is a common occurrence in weighing systems made of less sturdy components.

  3. Greater Versatility

    Truck scales that are portable allow you to be more versatile. Even though they are lightweight and use less space than a standard truck scale, they are strong enough to weigh an entire truck load weighing multiple tons.

  4. In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

    In-motion weighing truck scales help in capturing data while the truck is on the move by using sensors and a dynamic measurement system. This data can be wirelessly transmitted to the cloud and can be more accurate than static scales. This means you can weigh trucks continuously in an accurate and more efficient manner.

  5. Increased Accuracy Due to Engineering

    The accuracy of the portable truck scale is increasing thanks to constant engineering efforts and upgrades. Portable truck scales are capable of offering measurements for vehicles with up to eight wheels, thus improving the size and types of trucks it can serve. If the scales are made of aluminum, it is much easier to transport or relocate the scale due to the lightweight nature of the metal. At the same time, they are extremely durable and can withstand harsher weather and temperatures.

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