Food Grade Environment Scale Equipment

Blog Post by Marchus Funke & Jesse Wetherell

food grade scale
Quality Scales Unlimited constantly strives to better serve our customers by providing application specific solutions for our customer’s weighing equipment requirements.

Recently, Quality Scales Unlimited installed a Rice Lake Weighing Systems scale, indicator and printer at one of our customer’s meat packing facilities in Northern California. This scale system included a stainless steel indicator (with custom label printing software) and an 18” x 18” (100lb x 0.01lb) hermetically sealed bench scale. Additionally, Quality Scales Unlimited installed a Rice Lake Survivor SST3 “direct thermal” Label printer. Due to the nature of our customer’s heavy wash down environment, the weighing equipment required needed to be able to maintain heavy daily use in a very harsh environment.

The weighing equipment Quality Scales Unlimited installed has the highest protection against moisture and dust intrusion (IP69K Rating). Additionally, this weighing equipment is designed to prevent food contamination during the weighing process.

For this specific application, our customer also required a customized “label program” to print vital information such as: product weight, time/date, sell-by-date, lot number, product identification and a bar code containing all of this information. (Additional information can be printed with our customized label printing scale systems. Quality Scales Unlimited can also provide more basic, “canned” label printing scale systems). Our customer was so fond of this scale configuration; they decided to order a second, duplicate set-up to improve their production capability!

Premiere Brand Meats Checkweighing Station

Rice Lake Survivor SST3 Washdown Label Printer

  • IP69K rating
  • Washdown 304 stainless steel enclosure
  • Electronics protected from splashes
  • Direct thermal
  • 203 dpi print head
  • USB, serial or parallel communication

If you have a specific application based on scale related needs or would like more information on the product below, please contact Quality Scales Unlimited’s Sales Staff to assist you in finding that solution.

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