Forklift Scale

Forklift Scales – What You Need to Know

Forklift Scale

What is a forklift scale?

A forklift scale is a weighing scale that is built into the forklift. The scale uses the hydraulic sensor system of the forklift to measure the resistance to whatever the forklift is lifting, thus weighing the object in the process. The scale is typically used for checking the weight of the product when it is loaded into the cargo/transport vehicles.

How does a forklift scale work?

Forklift weighing scales use the hydraulic sensor of the forklift to weigh the object that’s being picked up by the forklift.

As the forklift scale allows data management and weight into your operation, without the addition of route changes or extra steps, it benefits the bottom line by reducing the cost involved in cargo shipment and loading.

How much can a forklift lift?

A typical forklift scale can accurately weigh pallets up to 3,000 lbs or 1,500 kg.

Industry Applications of Forklift Scales

  • Industrial factories
  • Agriculture
  • Production floor
  • Food handling
  • Distribution centers
  • Truck Loading
  • Produce storage and coolers
  • Cargo Loading

Features and Benefits of Forklift Scales

  • Cost-effective as it efficiently saves the ride to the vehicle scale
  • Portable scale
  • Designed for safety and uptime
  • Determines the weight of the product during the loading process
  • Allows optimal loading of transport vehicles
  • Prevents overloading penalty
  • Maintains high accuracy regardless of environmental disturbances
  • Provides a wide range of data collection options
  • Easily installation and maintenance
  • On-board diagnostics and predictive warnings

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