Four Ways a Truck Scale Streamlines Your Logistics

A weighbridge, or truck scale, is a type of scale designed to accurately measure the weight of loaded vehicles as they pass over it. It may be installed in a permanent, high-traffic location such as a highway weigh station or on the premises of businesses needing to weigh their trucks. Truck scales can be installed above ground with access ramps or in a pit with the scale level to the ground.

How Do Weighbridge Truck Scales Optimize the Logistic Process?

Let’s take a closer look at how truck scales can help improve your logistics and transportation processes:

  • They Can Save You Money – With a truck scale, your initial investment pays off in cost savings that will grow the longer you use your scale. These scales can be installed in practically any level location with enough room for trucks to access the scale. Since they are very resistant to environmental factors, wear and tear is minimal even in the harshest conditions.Truck scales are also designed to minimize damage to the trucks being weighed, and save on vehicle maintenance and repair costs that can be caused by overloading. You will avoid expensive fines and penalties that you would typically face with overweight trucks, as well as potential losses caused by under-loaded vehicles.
  • They’re Highly Accurate – The load cells in a weighbridge truck scale take multiple weight measurements while a truck is passing over the scale. These readings are then collected and processed by the weighbridge, to deliver an accurate readout of the vehicle’s weight at all positions and levels.With accurate measurements, you can ensure that trucks do not exceed weight restrictions. To maintain the accuracy of weight measurements, it’s important to have your truck scale calibrated regularly by your scale service provider. This allows you to detect measurement uncertainties and correct them before they affect your business.
  • They Improve Efficiency – Truck scales are available in a variety of sizes and types, to suit different logistic requirements. Some scales can also be customized to match the location, usage and needs of a specific operation. With the right weighbridge scale, you can boost productivity, speed up weighing processes and make them more efficient.Modern scales often include extra features designed to reduce the time, labor and cost required for weighing. Some innovative options available today include user-specified displays, automated classification of vehicles, alerts for over- or under-loading, configurable report generation, real-time data sharing, etc.
  • They Reduce Human Error – When you use smart weighbridges in your logistics process, the benefits go far beyond simple weighing. Not only do these scales help you maximize the accuracy and efficiency of load measurements, but integrated software can also be used to improve tracking and control in every aspect of your logistics operation.

Today, truck scale software solutions allow you to minimize human error and automate the collection and transfer of information. Real-time data management helps to streamline your inventory, and accounting and invoicing activities, since you can locate inefficiencies in dispatch schedules, safety compliance, purchasing and more.

Weighbridge truck scales are a large and important investment for transportation and logistics providers, so it’s essential to choose one with care. Quality Scales Unlimited can help you make the right choice, so get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs!

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