How to Weigh Your Livestock Efficiently

livestock weighing scales

Weighing equipment is an essential tool in any farm or livestock industry. Portable livestock scales help make weighing more convenient. The scales give accurate measurements that help with things such as tracking growth rate.

5 Important Things to Consider Before Weighing Cattle

  1. Type of Scale

    Depending on your set up, you can choose between portable or permanent livestock scales. You can determine which scale system to use based on how you prefer to weigh an individual or group of animals. Some would rather transport the livestock to a permanent scale location while others find it more convenient to transport the scale to the livestock.

  2. Placement of the Scale

    Put the scales on a firm surface to optimize accuracy and safety. If you place the scales on an unstable or wobbly surface, the scale may shift or move while weighing the livestock. This could result in the scale displaying an inaccurate weight of the livestock. A firm and flat surface is ideal when using a livestock scale.

  3. Positioning of Load Cables

    The positioning of the load cell cables can affect the readings. If the load cell cables are pinched or twisted, you could get incorrect readings. Mounting the load cell cables in a coiled manner to keep it away from animal reach and human traffic can prevent damage.

  4. Presence of Electricity Source

    If the indicator of the livestock scale needs AC/DC power, you will need to have a source of electricity close to the scale.

  5. Chute-Side Table with Necessary Tools

    One way to make the weighing process faster is by having a chute-side table that you can store necessary equipment on. Having all the equipment within arm’s reach can speed up the process.
    Scale Interference

Check to see if anything is touching the scale or interfering with the surface of the scale. Clearing the scale of debris can help reduce the chance of inaccurate weight results.

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