Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Scales

Importance of Preventative Maintenance Scale Services

Written by: Jesse Wetherell & Marchus Funke

Quality Scales Unlimited provides Preventative Maintenance (PM) Scale Service programs for all makes and models of industrial scales. A PM Service is a key element to maximizing the life, performance, and accuracy of your weighing equipment. Quality Scales Unlimited takes pride in providing consistent, reliable Preventative Maintenance Services to our customers. Our Preventative Maintenance Services differ from other scale companies in that we provide more than just a standard “drive-by” preventative service. Our technicians thoroughly inspect each part of the scale to help ensure we are identifying potential problems before they occur. This approach keeps our customers’ scales accurate and operational.

Our Preventative Maintenance Service scope of work consists of testing and calibrating your scale with standards traceable to NIST, as required by our licensing agreement with state and local agencies. We will visually inspect your scales to ensure they are in proper operating condition. Quality Scales Unlimited technicians will examine and test the integral scale components to preserve and restore your equipments’ reliability by repairing or replacing worn components before they actually fail. We always try to bring the necessary replacement parts for our services in order to avoid a return trip and costly down time.

Following our PM Service, a Calibration Report will be provided showing procedure used, before errors, as left readings, as left errors, and the condition of the scale. Quality Scales Unlimited is the only Northern California scale company to provide Certificates of Calibration (PDF) following our calibration services, at no additional cost.

Quality Scales Unlimited has specialized in the service of all types of scales, having sold and installed thousands in our 31 years. We are the largest scale company in Northern California and Nevada, with 14 technicians and 9 heavy capacity test trucks.

Quality Scales Unlimited is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality products and excellent service. We value the fact our customers are continually satisfied with our service and enjoy many years of reliable operation from their scales. Our highly experienced and trained technicians are the reason our service department has a reputation with our customers and with government regulators as being the best available.

If you would like Preventative Maintenance Scale Service, or are interested in obtaining more information relating to the benefits of frequent Preventative Maintenance Services, please contact our Sales Department at 925-634-8068. We offer a wide variety of flexible service schedules to meet the needs of our customers.

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