Parts Counting Scales – A Brief Guide

parts counting scales
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A common challenge in the manufacturing or packaging industry is determining whether or not the number of parts in a batch is accurate. The traditional way is to count them by hand, which can have a high margin of human error and is time consuming. Using parts counting scales can make the process faster and more accurate.

What Parts Counting Scales Are?

A digital counting scale is used to count pieces of equipment in number by weight. The scale can count a high volume of identical parts efficiently and accurately which helps ensure you are accurately processing the required number of parts.

How Industrial Counting Scales Work?

Industrial counting scales weigh the parts and also count the number of pieces present in a lot. To start counting parts by weight, you would first take the part and place it on the scale platform. This allows you to set the sample size of the item. After this is set, the scale will be able to divide the total weight and determine the total number of identical pieces.

In order for the scale to be accurate, the parts being weighed must be identical. Another part of a different weight will not be counted correctly due to the weight varying from the set sample size.

Application of Parts Counting Scales

Parts counting scales are useful in departments such as quality assurance and distribution. These scales help streamline the process of checking the number of parts in a batch before approving it to be shipped out. Another application could be when a business takes inventory. The scale can accurately count parts in a productive manner.

In Conclusion

One of the main benefits of implementing counting scales is being able to be more productive with a lower margin of error. For more information or help getting the scale that fits your needs, contact Quality Scales Unlimited.

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