Bench Scales

What are Bench Scales

For mobility and convenience, bench scales offer ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Available in a variety of models, bench scales are compatible for business applications such as farming, manufacturing, food processing, healthcare, shipping, and commercial applications. Bench scales come in different sizes and can be customized to suit unique business needs.

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What is a NTEP-Approved Bench Scale?

NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, which is a means of ensuring that all “legal for trade” bench scales and commercial weighing equipment are tested and conform to national standards before being introduced into the market. The government standards and specifications set by the NIST cover every aspect of weighing instruments from accuracy and effects to capacity and temperature. All legal for trade bench scales need to be NTEP-approved in the United States; therefore, all check weighing scales that are tested and approved by the NTEP are issued a conformance certificate.

When must a Bench Scale be NTEP – “Legal for Trade” approved?

All commercial applications that sell products by weight are legally required to have their check weighing scales verified as legal for trade. NTEP approved scales are typically required for accurate determination of the weight of materials for:

  • Commercial transactions
  • Calculation of taxes, toll, tariff, or penalty
  • Weighing patients in healthcare facilities for medical treatment
  • Weighing medicines in medical facilities and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Pricing purpose
  • The application of laws or for expert opinions in legal procedures
  • The making of packages

Bench scales are engineered to increase the operational efficiency, accuracy and productivity in various industries. From basic weighing applications to monitoring and packaging inventory, bench scales incorporate versatile features for your specific application.

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Key Features of Bench Scales

  • Ease of operation
  • Durable/dependable
  • Corrosion/rust resistant
  • Robust stainless steel weighing pans
  • Indicator that can be mounted on the wall for remote operation
  • Long -lasting built-in battery
  • Different indicator/platform combinations
  • Dust and water resistant (wash down capable)
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Numerical keypad for easy data entry
  • LCD display for easy reading
  • Comparator function

Types of Bench Scales

Check Weighing ScalesImage credit: Rice LakeCheck weighing scales are primarily used in precise portioning applications. Checkweighers are designed to add efficiency to manufacturing, sorting and food-processing applications. Product weight is checked to be within a preset range or target.

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Counting Scales

Counting scales are an essential tool for counting high volumes of identical parts. These scales are available in varying capacities and sizes to accommodate check counting, part counting, filing, and inventory control needs. Designed for quick and accurate counting in manufacturing applications, these scales minimize operator error when counting a high volume of identical items.

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Wash Down Scales

Ideal for use in food processing facilities and agricultural applications, wash down scales come with watertight seals and stainless steel parts to facilitate easy removal of residue and minimize cross-contamination. Various degrees of waterproofing to protect the sensitive internal parts from moisture damage are available to better maintain these types of scales.

Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scales

Intrinsically safe weighing scales offer excellent explosion protection in hazardous environments. These scales are custom designed to eliminate the conditions that can trigger an explosion.

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Benefits of Bench Scales

Bench scales can have a great effect on the efficiency, accuracy, productivity and profitability of your business depending on the application. Here are 4 benefits of using bench scales:

  • Savings: The biggest benefit of using bench scales is bottom line savings because when products are produced at accurate weights, materials are not wasted and processes are not repeated.
  • Quality: Whether it is an automotive part or a food product, bench scales make the weighing process quick and accurate, thereby ensuring quality control.
  • Compliance: Using a bench scale ensures weighing accuracy throughout the production process which is especially important for companies selling products in the retail market. If products are over or under weight, local agencies can enforce costly fines for your business.
  • Automation: Bench scales can record and transfer weight data wirelessly, enabling companies to keep their records up-to-date and manage processes better with minimal human error.

If you are looking for high-quality, efficient bench scales that fit your business needs, Quality Scales Unlimited can help provide your company with the ideal solution to weigh your products.