Postal Scale / Shipping Scales


The shipping industry runs on one critical thing – weight. You cannot ship any package without knowing how much it weighs. The heavier the package, the more expensive it is to ship. This is exactly why it is essential to know the accurate weight of any package before shipping it.

Shipping scales are the backbone of the shipping industry. They are ideal for the general weighing of small packages, counting applications and check-weighing. They are designed with a small footprint to maximize the workspace. Shipping scales are available in a wide range of sizes, functionalities and capabilities.

Consider Your Shipping Requirements

Keep in mind the company’s daily shipping requirements. Start by considering the mailing services you use. Understand how the mailing services charge the packages. Most mail services measure and price the packages differently. Once you understand how the mailing services work, you can evaluate what kind of shipping scales will best suit your company.

Consider the Size and Weight of the Regularly Weighed Packages

Avoid buying large pallet scales if you ship only small packages, as it would be a waste of space. A small shipping scale would be a bad idea if you need to weigh heavier-than-normal or large-sized packages as they cannot weigh oversized packages accurately. Ensure the scale can accommodate the weights of the packages that you typically measure.

Ideally, you must overestimate the weights and sizes of packages rather than underestimating. Opt for a scale that can efficiently handle at least 20% more than your average capacity.

Calculate Postage Costs With Shipping Scales

Numerous scales are designed to work with United States Postal Service. They are set up to print postage for items weighed on the scales’ platforms. Having such a scale will save you the time and trouble to constantly calculate the shipping costs.

Different Types of Shipping Scales

  • Digital Scales
  • Postal Scales
  • Luggage Scales
  • Food Scales
  • Bodyweight Scales

If you are in the e-commerce business, USB digital shipping scales would be the best choice.

4 Reasons Why USB Digital Postal Scales are an Excellent Choice

  1. USB connectivity allows you to directly connect to industry-specific software and programs. This helps in eliminating an extra step of reading and entering the weight outputs from the scale into your computer.
  2. Human errors will be reduced significantly as there is no need to manually type in the packages’ weights.
  3. They feature a flat and wide surface to place the packages, thus offering a more accurate reading.
  4. Postal shipping scales typically measure the packages in ounces and pounds in order to account for the shipping services whose rates are based on small-increment weight changes. For example, the rates of First Class Mail are based on ounce-to-ounce changes.

Digital postal shipping scales will make your shipping more accurate, efficient, and smooth. Quality Scales Unlimited offers a variety of shipping scales. Contact our team for more details.