Specialized Train and Rail Scales

We offer a comprehensive scale and balance produRail scales are used in many industries to weigh extremely heavy loads such as trains, carts and transport vehicles mounted on rails, without having to derail them for the weighing process. These systems need robust engineering that can tackle operational stresses in various settings including production lines, conveyer belts and train tracks. At Quality Scales Unlimited (QSU), we provide specialized train and rail scales with excellent safety features, which meet AREMA, AAR and Cooper E-80 design specifications for certified NTEP weighing, as well as economical non-NTEP rail scales.

With over three decades of experience and in-depth knowledge, our expertise helps us ensure that the systems are rugged and accurate, with heavy duty weighing scales that will last for decades!

Types of Rail Scales

Since the load and conditions for different industries’ transportation and weighing needs can vary significantly, rail scales are available in a broad range of specifications. These include load limit, accuracy, and operating mechanisms (digital and analog), which are customized to suit a variety of weighing requirement.

These scales are designed to convert a part of the track into a weighing scale, so that measurements can be made without interrupting operation. To accommodate for physical limitations for space and other constraints, rail scales are available as above-ground surface mountable variants, as well as underground and pit-foundation mountable scales.

Rail scales are of four basic types:

Static Rail Scales

As the name implies, static rail scales are designed to measure the weight of the vehicle when it is motionless. They are not typically designed to be portable and are normally installed in a fixed location that is most convenient. This type of weighing system is best suited for railway cars and trains that can be parked for a period of time, since it could cause unnecessary delays for production lines and mining operations. The vehicle to be weighed must be brought to a complete halt within the weighing platform before it can be weighed.

In-Motion Rail Scales

In-motion rail scales can measure the weight of a vehicle with outstanding accuracy, without it needing to stop completely. Some models can provide very accurate measurements at speeds of 6 miles per hour. Since they’re the least disruptive, they’re the preferred type of weighing equipment for industries that rely heavily on transporting goods, like mining. The capacity and tolerance can be customized according as per the need, so the overall time required is minimized.

Combined Truck & Track Scales

If you’ll likely need to weigh track-mounted vehicles, as well as trucks and trailers, a combo scale might be the smarter investment. These pit-type scales have a much larger weighing platform that can accommodate both types of vehicles. We offer combo truck & track scales, including modular scalable systems that can accommodate a range of vehicles, in different sectional and gross NTEP rated capacities. The advantages over separate scales are significant, since they utilize space better and require much less investment of capital, directly increasing returns on investment.

Coil Car Scales

Weighing goods that are in the form of a coil requires coil scales that can handle the load and the weighing apparatus. At Quality Scales Unlimited, we can provide fully electronic NTEP platform sizes (4’6” to 20’10”) and capacities (20,000 lbs to 120,000 lbs) with extremely durable scale boards. Special non-NTEP specification scales are also available that can cater to a much wider range of requirements. These scales have heavy-duty structural steel and I-beam construction, high impact-tolerance, 150% load-cell overload protection and 100% concentrated load capacity. For specific applications, the options include RF communication and touch screen systems, removable V-decks, PU wear-pads, hydraulic lifts and many more.

When you turn to us for your weighing equipment needs, we assure you’ll get the best system for your unique requirements. In some situations, it isn’t always feasible to stop the vehicle and un-mount it to measure the load, so contact us today to find out which option will save you space or the need for a second heavy capacity scale!