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Blog Post by Jesse Wetherell & Marchus Funke

This is an example of the 70’x 10’ rental truck scale installed with compacted dirt ramps.


To better satisfy our customer’s truck scale needs, Quality Scales Unlimited stocks two rental truck scales as a solution for our customer’s Legal-for-Trade weighing requirements. We keep the truck scales at our yard in Byron, CA and will mobilize them at a moment’s notice. The portable truck scales we have in stock come in two sizes; 40’ x 12’ and 70’ x 10’. (Please keep in mind that your entire vehicle must fit onto the truck scale in order for the Weighment to meet the State of California’s (or Nevada’s) Legal-for-Trade requirements.) With this flexibility, we are able to accommodate our customers’ needs whether for a short rental term or an extended length of time. (Typically a minimum truck scale rental period is three months.)

The versatility of the Rice Lake ATV truck scales we have available allows Quality Scales Unlimited to better serve our wide variety customer base that have very different operating conditions. The scales can be installed on level asphalt, concrete, or compacted road base. Once the scale has been installed, material is typically back-filled against the bulkheads on both ends to form the ramps. The 70’ x 10’ option includes detachable metal ramps, which eliminates having to build ramps. Preparing the surface the scale will be installed on, and forming the ramps (if you opt not to rent the steel ramps), will usually fall on our customer’s responsibility. (Though we do not have ramps for the 40’ x 12’, they are available for the 70’ x 10’ ATV truck scale.)

We can install the rental truck scale in one day! The RLWS ATV electronic truck scale has the best portable truck scale design available. It is fast and easy to move – the only thing that needs to be done prior to transporting the scale is to set the shipping pins for each load cell, which takes about 10 minutes per load cell. All that is required to load or off-load the scale are shackles, straps and a crane because even the sub-frame and picking eyes are part of the scale.

truck scale rental
This picture depicts the 70’ x 10’ ATV truck scale we have availble at our Byron, CA facility.


Along with having the best design, the ATV is also the most durable portable scale on the market, which is why Rice Lake sells far more portable truck scales in the US than any other manufacturer. There are less expensive scales sold, but none provide the ease-of-use, reliability or longevity of the Rice Lake ATV.

If you would like a quote for our rental truck scales, or if you are interested in obtaining more information regarding the benefits of truck scale rentals, please contact us at 925-634-8068 and request to speak with our Sales Department.

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