Rail Scale Test Cart

By Mitchell Barker & Jesse Wetherell
Rail scale calibration tool

Quality Scales Unlimited has recently constructed a Rail Scale Test Cart. This tool allows us to test and calibrate Rail Scales that only have rail access. QSU is the only scale company in Northern California with this tool at its disposal!

Quality Scale Unlimited’s Rail Scale Test Cart can be used on commercial scales, and allows QSU to test and calibrate rail scales using 30,000lbs of certified test weight. With this testing, Quality Scales Unlimited can place commercial rail scales into service with County Weights & Measures. They will have to be tested later at 80,000 lbs, but the 30,000 lb test will get the scale back online as a commercial scale after any type of repair. This Rail Cart will minimize your down-time and keep your rail scales productive.

In addition to the Rail Scale Test Cart, QSU has other unique testing equipment and techniques that we use to service and calibrate customer scales. If you have a specific weighing application, or would like more information on any of our products or services, please contact us to assist you!

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