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Blog Post By: Alex Shilshtut & Jesse Wetherell

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Quality Scales Unlimited provides a robust selection of rental scales if a permanent scale installation does not suit your company’s requirements. One of the scale systems that is most frequently rented from Quality Scales Unlimited are Axle Scales. Axle Scales are commonly referred to as “Jump Scales,” “Axle Pads,” or “Wheel Load Scales.” Quality Scales Unlimited keeps several sets of these scales in stock should one of our customer’s require these scales at a moment’s notice!

Axle Scales can be used for a variety of weighing applications where weighing a truck’s axles is required. Axle Scales are not “Legal-for-trade” weighing devices, which means their weights cannot be used in buying or selling goods. An Axle Scale Systems’ accuracy should be within +/- 0.5% of the gross vehicle weight. (In the State of California the axle weight maximums are as follows: 12,000lb for the steer axle and a 17,000lb for the drive and rear axles, and a combined gross vehicle weight cannot exceed 80,000lbs.) The purpose of axle pads is to provide vehicle axle weights so vehicles are not dispatched with axle weights exceeding legal limits.

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Axle Scales can be temporarily installed on level asphalt, concrete or compacted road base. (To operate properly as a permanent installation, axle pads must be installed on a level concrete surface.) We install Axle Scales in densely populated facilities and rural locations alike. Rental Axle Scales will be installed above ground with ramps, however axle scales that are installed permanently can also be installed into a scale pit. Rental or purchase of an axle scale system will improve the efficiency of each truck load at only a fraction of a full truck scale’s cost.

Should your company choose to rent a set of Axle Scales, Quality Scales Unlimited will install the Axle Scales at the beginning of the rental period and remove them when the rental period has concluded. This service includes calibration of the scales, as well as training our customer’s personnel on the use of the Axle Scales.

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Quality Scales Unlimited offers a wide variety of peripheral equipment to use in conjunction with Axle Scales. This peripheral equipment includes: tape printers (to print rear, drive, and steer axle weights), remote displays (to display each axle’s weight to the driver), automated axle scale software (for the calculation of each axle and the combined vehicle weight), and unmanned kiosks.

If you would like to explore the purchase or rental of Axle Scales, please contact Quality Scales Unlimited.

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