Why Scales Are a Crucial Part of the Construction Industry

construction scales
Weighting scales for Construction Projects

The construction industry has one of the most dynamic operational environments. Therefore, the use of industry-appropriate systems and tools are especially important, as they directly affect the output and profitability of the organization. Among the multiple systems used at construction sites, the measurement and weighing systems are the most crucial aspect during operations.

The most popularly weighing scales used by the construction industry

  1. Onboard Truck Scales
  2. Once configured accordingly, these scales are compatible with any loading system. Onboard Truck Scales are designed to handle various weights and material types in varied weather conditions. They are used to read precise measurements, allowing you to ensure that the trucks are carrying the correct load for greater efficiency.

  3. Portable Truck Scales
  4. Also known as wheel weighers, portable truck scales are extremely mobile and sturdy, making them easy to use in any type of terrain. They can also be customized to suit the nature of activities carried out and meet all related requirements.

  5. Load Volume Scanner
  6. These scales are designed to maximize the overall haulage of assets. Such scales use a laser technology to precisely scan building materials to generate accurate measurements of the weight that can be carried by a specific truck, all in real-time.

  7. Rail Scales
  8. There are essentially two types of rail scales; static scales and in-motion scales. As the names suggest, the static rail scales are immobile and are commonly used to measure the weight of stationary train cars. Whereas the in-motion scales can be moved along the rails and measure the loads of moving train cars, they’re usually equipped with smart software that ensures accuracy.

Considering the nature of the application of these scales in the construction industry, it becomes even more important to ensure their presence on-site.

Advantages of using construction scales to optimize construction operations and waste disposal efforts:

  • Increase Credibility
  • Truck scales allow you to measure and monitor the amount of incoming raw materials, the exact output and the overall wastage. This allows you to precisely calculate everything from the amount of resources required for the next order, to the weight of the trucks, thereby allowing you to foresee the amount of taxes and waste disposal fees that may be levied. After all, precision in terms of operations and data recording establishes credibility, not only in the project but in your organization as a whole.

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Being able to avail precise measurement of the resources required, the quantity used as well as the wastage, allows you to carefully analyze every aspect of operations. This will highlight the key result areas, areas of improvement and those needing further monitoring. This also allows you to control the scale of operations by giving you an insight in the amount of raw materials used, allowing you to place future orders on the same basis.

  • Save Time and Money
  • You can save time having a weighing system in place, by avoiding unnecessary trips to local weighing stations in order to ensure that your trucks are in compliance with state and road laws. This also has a cost advantage, as it can tell you exactly how much you will be able to load onto a truck for any type of route, removing the need for estimation through guesswork. This will also allow you to precisely calculate the amount of taxes that will be levied. This type of accuracy in measurements also lets you use all your resources to their greatest capacities.

      Truck Scales at Your Construction Site

      Truck scales are designed to adapt to any kind of environment, they can also be customized in case of extreme environments. They’re designed to be extremely durable and handle weights of any type of configuration.

      If you are looking for a cost-effecting and adaptable solution to optimize operations at your construction site, installing a weight management system is the way to go. At Quality Scales Unlimited, we’d love to help you choose the perfect scale for your construction needs. Contact the QSU sales team for more information.

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