Seattle Truck Scale Installation

truck scale installation seattle

This week we performed a truck scale installation in Seattle, Washington for a glass recycling company. Our client was depending on a neighboring truck scale for their weighing needs and incurring a charge each time they used their neighbor’s truck scale. Our client was also spending excessive time traveling back and forth from their site to the truck scale adjusting the loads to insure their trucks were not carrying over or underweight loads of glass.

truck scale

Our technican, Troy Briggs, installed a 70’ x 11’ Rice Lake Weighing Systems ATV portable truck scale along the Duwamish Waterway. The truck scale is equiped with 10’ flat approaches, portable ramps and side rails. Unique to this installation, is the use of solar energy to power the ATV truck scale. Because of the Northwest rainy weather, we also installed a battery back-up and a gas powered generator to insure the scale will function even during Seattle’s gloomy seasons.

In addition to the truck scale, we installed a three camera system and an unattended kiosk. The camera system allows the remotely located weighmaster to visually confirm the entire truck is on the scale. The cameras also provide the tractor and the trailer information. (This is required for Legal-for-Trade weighments.) The truck scale is equiped with a 6” Matko remote display allowing drivers to view their weights while on the scale.

Another truck scale installation successfully completed! The recycling business is saving time, money and energy while helping save our enviornment.

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