Superior Rail Scales – Learning the Basics and the Benefits

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When it comes to rail operations, one of the most critical aspects is rail weighing. Rail scales are used for monitoring the various product deliveries as well as avoiding penalties for overloading. There are several other reasons why you should have them in place:

  • To have accurate weights of the products being shipped in order to invoice your clients correctly
  • To avoid both eccentric loading and overloading since all overloading tends to cause damage to rail infrastructure, wagons, cars and even cause derailment.
  • To counter check the weight of products and ensure that you are not being overcharged by the shipper.
  • To reduce the number of loads that are high impacts particularly at track crossing, joints, turnouts and other track discontinuities.
  • To calculate how much the wagons and cars weigh in order to collect the correct freight revenue.

Features and Applications to Consider

Railroad scales today are fully electronic. They are made to give better performance than their traditional counterparts. You would want to consider scales that come with a dual platform and shallow pit design since they reduce track removal and excavation by 50%. This means that you will be dealing with less excavation costs, installation costs, railroad work and less concrete too. Since any downtime you have means a loss of income, this design is optimal because installation can be completed in several days. The specifications of these modern train scales include:

  • A capacity of 200,000 – 400,000 pounds
  • Low graduations of 50lbs
  • Overload protection of 200%
  • A computerized system that is fully electronic
  • Approved by FGIS and NTEP
  • The design is dual weighbridge

Why Is It Important To Weigh Rail Cars?

It is important for the various reasons that follow:

    • You need to accurately determine the weight of both tankers and cars so that you can collect the correct amount of revenue from those shipping product.


    • You will be able to accurately check for heels. This will ensure that the yields you get from each shipment are efficient.


    • You need these figures to accurately invoice your clients for the products shipped. As a client, you can use truck scales to ensure that you are not being overcharged by the shipper.


    • When the cars or wagons are overloaded, there can be derailments, damage to infrastructure and cars, as well as eccentric loading. With accurate weight measures, you can avoid both eccentric loading and overloading and save yourself these damages and their consequent costs.


    • You can use the scales in loading control. You will be able to adjust the parameters of material flow when carrying out bulk loading automatically. By so doing, you will maximize each payload and will not be at the risk of overloading.


    • These scales allow you to quickly detect if there is a leakage of any hazardous cargo as soon as the load arrives at the depot.


    • Production control is another benefit especially when dealing with batching applications.


    • Rail scales are also used by locomotive manufacturers and repairers for balancing so as to achieve the best possible traction by properly distributing the weight.


  • They are also useful when dealing with chemical applications. The scales do not have cavities in the foundations where explosive gases, that are heavier than air, can be trapped.

Why Rail Scales?

These scales are made to ensure that the rail cars are at their proper weights. They do so affordably, safely and efficiently, eliminating any uncertainties that may be associated with tare weights that vary or other methods of volumetric control.

  • Modern Track ScalesThese train scales are reliable and are configured in a chain of sections with each one made to weigh each wheel. You get accurate weights of each truck, wheel and axle.
  • Accurate WeightsOlder rail scales had a typical accuracy of approximately 0.4%, with newer railroad scales, there is an accuracy of plus or minus 0.25%. You also get scales that can weigh from as little as 20,000 pounds to as much as 1 million pounds.
  • Shortened Installation at Lower CostsSince there is no need to excavate and pour concrete, the scales can be installed in a relatively short time. Your downtime is reduced and the cost of a shortened installation time is significantly lower.
  • VersatilityThe versatility of rail scales makes them ideal for coal mines, cement plants, chemical plants, sugar processors, scrap and recycling yards, transfer yards, refineries, grain elevators, and facilities dealing in hazardous waste.
  • Reliable and Well CraftedOur rail scales are reliable and are well crafted for excellent results.
    Quality Scales Unlimited offers the best in electronic railroad scales. With our rail scale, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Contact the QSU sales team for pricing and more information.

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