Truck Scale Installation in San Jose

Truck Scale Ramp

Quality Scales Unlimited loves to solve our customers’ problems! Two years ago, Eco Box Recycling came to QSU in need of an accurate convenient solution to the way they were weighing their debris boxes before and after use.

Eco Box Recycling was paying to have their empty debris boxes weighed on a truck scale at a remote location and then they delivered the debris boxes to their customers. When the customer had filled their debris box and it was ready to be picked up, Eco Box, then had to take the box back to the truck scale location to get the filled debris box weighment. (The filled weighment is how the customer is billed.) This resulted in excessive time spent driving back and forth to the remote location of the truck scale.

QSU came up with the solution of installing a Rice Lake ATV portable truck scale at their San Jose location. Eco Box Recycling now utilizes the truck scale to weigh their debris boxes prior to dropping them off at customer sites. When the debris box is ready for pick up, the debris box is weighed again providing an accurate, reliable, and “Legal-for-Trade” weighment. Eco Box Recycling then bills their customers based on the accurate weight of debris they deposited into their boxes.

Truck Scales Test Truck

In addition to the truck scale, QSU installed a portable, detachable metal ramp and a sanitary cement slab to enhance the functionality of the truck scale. The sanitary slab allows for debris to be easily cleaned from below the truck scale’s weigh bridge reducing maintenance costs. The slab also provided a level surface for the installation of the truck scale. Owning an ATV portable truck scale with a removable ramp gives Eco Box, the option of relocating the scale in the future.

Eco Box Recycling prides itself in diverting on average 70% of the materials that they pick-up from local landfills. They also recycle wood, sheetrock, concrete, metal, cardboard, paper, composition roof tiles, appliances and plastics. In addition they donate clothing, appliances, furniture or other items they feel may still of value or use to local charities.

Eco Box Recycling has enjoyed two years of reliable, trouble free and accurate truck scale operation. We thank Eco Box Recycling for their business as well as their effort to divert debris from our landfills. They know their business has a direct effect on our environment and they take this responsibility seriously.

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