Truck Scale Installed in San Martin

Superior Demolition Services

Recently, Quality Scales Unlimited installed a 70’ x 11’ Rice Lake Weighing Systems OTR above ground truck scale at Superior Demolition Service in San Martin, CA. The truck scale is set up with truck “in and out” software to collect the truck’s weight information with a date and time stamp as each truck enters and leaves the facility. Additionally, the truck scale has a remotely located digital weight indicator (approximately 400’ from the trucks scale) and 4”remote display.

Superior Demolition Service reclaims asphalt after their demolition projects to be resold as Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). Even at the end of its initial service life, old asphalt pavement still has value. RAP is a great alternative to freshly mined aggregates because the cost is traditionally less, and it also reduces the binding agent required for production of pavement. Using RAP is also an environmentally friendly approach to asphalt manufacturing endorsed by the Federal Highway Administration. The Federal Highway Administration gives first consideration to highway project contractors using recycled materials such as RAP as long as the recycled material does not adversely affect the performance, safety or the environment of the highway system.

Superior Demolition truck scale

Superior Demolition Services is a contributor to California’s economic benefits from the re-use of nonrenewable highway materials. Using recycled highway construction materials can be a cost-saving measure, freeing funds for additional highway construction, rehabilitation, preservation or maintenance, providing a great boost to the California highway industry.

Superior Demolition truck scale 2

The Rice Lake OTR truck scale is essential to Superior Demolition Service’s business as it allows them to accurately report the amount of RAP being sold for fill for construction projects and asphalt mixes. QSU thanks Superior Demolition Services for their business as well as their efforts to reclaim asphalt for re-use into environmentally friendly asphalt products and projects.

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