Truck Scales with Corrosive Protections

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As many of our customers know, truck scales are located in some of the roughest environments possible. Depending on your business environment, you may need to consider applying a protective coating to the truck scale’s weighbridge. Quality Scales Unlimited has the ability to provide a truck scale deck coating that is designed to protect the steel or concrete deck from corrosives such as tomato acids, chemicals, salt, etc. that can deteriorate the steel components over time. Concrete decks will deteriorate as well, just not as rapidly as the steel that supports it. An improved deck coating will significantly enhance appearance, safety and production of your current truck scale.

One of Quality Scales Unlimited’s top priorities is to give our customer base every advantage to extend the life of their scales and to provide the best preventative maintenance for their scales. We are always looking for ways to help our customers get the best return on investment out of their truck scales. We have applied truck scale deck coatings at numerous locations throughout California with great success.

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Quality Scales Unlimited recently had a customer whose scale was exposed to constant corrosive acid from their tomato products. QSU applied an industrial polymer coating to protect their scale from future wear and tear. Below are two great examples of corrosive protections that can be applied to new or existing truck scales.

Industrial Polymer Deck Coating

  • Prep substrate by bead blasting and diamond grinding
  • Install Industrial Polymers 12-S polyurethane mortar system
  • Install grey color quartz broadcast top coat
  • Total system thickness will be ¼”

Galvanized Steel Deck Truck Scales

  • Truck scale steel will be hot dip galvanized prior to factory construction
  • All stands will be hot dip galvanized
  • Links, load cells and hardware will not be galvanized
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    Truck scales are big investments; therefore, your 15-ton “cash register” should be kept in optimal condition for as long as possible. If you are interested in exploring the different options for truck scale deck coating for your existing or future scale, please contact Quality Scales Unlimited.

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