Truck Scales in the Mining Industry

mining truck scale
One of the most profitable industries globally remains to be mining, and the demand for minerals keeps growing. Even as many global markets slow due to uncertainties, the demand for minerals continues. In the mining industry operation costs can be high and thus it is important to utilize the latest technology to guarantee maximum returns. To increase efficiency at a mining facility, you may need to invest in appropriate scales for the harsh mining industry. New modern truck scales not only help to increase efficiency but can also reduce waste. Unlike many facilities, mining operations require heavy duty, rugged scales to effectively operate in their harsh working environments. The truck scales best suited to the mining industry are manufactured with larger amount of steel making them more robust and less possible to damage. Quality Scales Unlimited can help you find the best scale suited to your facility, business requirements and budget while considering environmental concerns and operating efficiency.

Truck Scales in the Mining Industry

When do I need to invest in a new truck scale and what type of truck scale should I buy? These are two questions mine owners and managers should ask their scale service provider before they make a truck scale purchase. QSU can evaluate your mining facility and your business needs and provide you with the best truck scale options within your budget.

There are different scale options suited to different types of mining operations. These are three types commonly used at mining operations:

  • Portable Truck Scales
    This is the most flexible scale available and it is designed to give a high level of accuracy. Whatever the working environment, this scale is an appropriate choice. The low profile design works well in many kinds of mining facilities. These scales can withstand heavy weights and can handle undulating terrains. More importantly, they are fully portable, meaning they can be deployed to a difference location in a relatively short amount of time. The portable truck scales QSU offers are legal-for-trade and can provide certified weights.
  • On Board Truck Scales
    On-board truck scales weigh loads on the truck, so you will not have to invest in an external weighing system. They are cost-effective and are installed on the chassis of the truck you purchase. They are versatile and applicable on many types of trucks. They are digital and allow easy tracking of the payload. On board truck scales can be used in extreme environments and are highly accurate.
  • Weighbridge Truck Scales
    Weighbridge truck scales are the most common scales and are used in multiple industries apart from mining. They are static and are designed for long time use at a location. They can handle extreme weights and are suitable for harsh environments. These scales come in a variety of standard widths and lengths and are available in custom sizes as well. They can be installed in any location and will provide accurate readings for many years if they are kept free of debris and maintained properly. Regular preventative maintenance by your scale service provider can help your scale remain accurate and repair free for many years even in the harshest of environments.

You can expect these five business related improvements after installing a new truck scale.

  1. Validation of Payload: You will be paying for what has been processed with minimal risk of losses. You will be charging your customers for what has been processed with minimal risk of overcharging.
  2. Better Reporting: The more data/information you receive from your truck scales the greater your business decision making possibilities. You are able to interface and improve reporting functionality.
  3. Maximizing ROI: Modern scales can improve ROI by reducing losses and increasing efficiency.
  4. Reduced Carbon Footprint: With increased efficiency in your operation area, you are able to cut energy usage and this ultimately reduces your carbon footprint.
  5. Reduced Operating Costs: More efficient modern truck scales will reduce employee operation time and additional time they spend troubleshooting malfunctions.

Whatever weighing needs your mining operation has, ultimately one or more truck scales will fit your requirements. Develop a budget and establish your scale requirements. Consult your scale provider for your best options. Call the QSU sales team at 1.800.722-5301 for more information.

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