Truck Scales for Transportation and Logistics Industries

above ground truck scale
Scales are crucial to the operations of many businesses especially when it comes to transportation and logistics. The logistics and shipping industries thrive on the accuracy of their weighbridge truck scales as well as the prevention of accidents and penalties.

Nearly every day we learn of horror stories of over-turned trucks on the highways wiping out several cars and passengers. And most of us avoid driving behind these cumbersome giants on the road. Transporting heavy loads on the highway has many potential safety dangers which is why the government has strict regulations pertaining to the amount of weight a truck can carry. If a business does not adhere to these regulations, they are subject to serious penalties and overloading fines.

The shipping and logistics industry is tasked with measuring loads that go through many shipment warehouses and ports daily. Their activities call for speedy measurement of the load while taking precision in accuracy. When these attributes are absent, companies may suffer violation penalties for overloading or loose payload revenues.

Weighbridge truck scales help in establishing the precise measurement of loads that are being transported via trucks. These scales present a number of features that can aid quick recording as well as capturing of truck weights and the loads they carry.

Weighbridge truck scales are referred to as truck scales even though they come in different types such as onboard truck weigh scales, portable truck scales and axle pads. Most trucking and logistics companies choose either weighbridge truck scales or on-board truck scales for their particular weighing needs. Below we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge Truck Scales are special metal bridges equipped with load cells or mechanical weighing equipment. The weighbridge truck scale is installed in an area with room for trucks to safely enter and exit. The loaded truck will drive up onto the scale bridge to be weighed. The advantage of weighbridge truck scales is that they can be used to weigh numerous trucks in a short period of time and are suitable for many types trucks. The disadvantage is they are installed in one location and don’t offer the convenience of being able to be moved to a different location.

On-Board Truck Scales

On Board Truck Scales are wireless weighing systems fitted on the truck. These on-board systems use a special signal which is transmitted to a monitor. Load cell technology in combination with pressure readings of the air suspension will determine the weight of the truck and the load. On board scales can be installed on a wide variety of trucks and are fitted specifically to meet the truck’s requirements. The primary advantage is that the scale and the weight information readout is on the truck itself. This allows the weighing to take place at the load site.

There are two main features you should consider when shopping or using weighbridge scales for your logistics and shipping sector. They are as follows:

  • Accuracy: This is perhaps the hallmark of any weighbridge scale. Overall, weighbridge scales provide the highest standards of quality that guarantee dependable calculations and accuracy. Ultimately, the scales must be MSHA approved, safe and meet the defined legal weighing standards of the industry. Regular calibration of your scale by a licensed scale service provider will insure it remains within specified tolerance standards.
  • Design: The design of the weighbridge scales is an important feature as it determines functionality. Overall, most scales are constructed from concrete and or steel making them extremely robust. The scales come in a variety of designs that include portable truck scales and axle pads. The portable truck scales are low profile and designed for ease of break down and reassembly. Axle pads are an economical, adaptable and portable solution for truck weighing. Axle pads are used to monitor overloaded and under loaded axle weight, but cannot be used to produce certified weights. Both portable truck scales and axle pads are installed directly on a level solid surface with no foundation requirement.
  • Streamlining Logistics with Weighbridge Scales: Weighbridge truck scales have been used in various sectors and industries such as mining, agriculture as well as logistics to optimize the process of measurement. Modern scales have incorporated computer technologies for increased efficiency and information for the customer.

A typical weighbridge scale consists of three features- sensors, processor and output displays.

  • Sensors: These refer to load cells that are mounted on the bridge where the load is passed. Sensors have the capability of capturing readings of the trucks loads and trucks quickly. Modern sensors employ computer technologies that require minimal contact while giving precise readings.
  • Processor: This utilizes the information that is read via the sensor to compute the accurate weights of the loads.
  • Output displays: The output displays are ergonomic screens which support easy reading of the weights from a distance. Different size screens are available and your size decision will depend on your viewing requirements.
  • Taking Logistics to the Next Level: A number of loads that are passed through ports and pre-shipment warehouses must be measured. Thus, weighbridges offer an opportunity for precise readings with the use of various scales. The scales may be surface or pit mounted depending on the location and use of the scale.

    Weighbridges may be paired with indicators, software and state of the art accessories to ensure your weighing and data management needs are comprehensive and complete. With a wide variety of options to choose from and an equally huge number of truck scale providers that offer them, it is crucial to select a proper weighbridge scale that will address your specific needs.

Using a weighbridge truck scale could be a step towards saving thousands of dollars you may be paying in costly fees for having trucks with weights that exceed the legal limits. Weighbridge scales can also insure accuracy of your loads. Contact Quality Scales Unlimited for assistance in selecting the best scale for your weighing requirements.

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