Weighbridge Truck Scales: Optimizing Scales

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Scales are crucial equipment when it comes to leveraging operations, especially logistics. The logistics and shipping industry thrives on the accuracy of measurements as it helps in preventing accidents and avoiding penalties.

Truck Scales help in establishing the precise measurement of loads that are being transported. These scales present a number of features that aid quick recording as well as capturing of truck weights, especially for the loads they carry.

The logistics and shipping sector is broad and depends on weighbridge truck scales for weighing vehicles.  Generally, the weighbridge truck scales are referred to as truck scales even though they come in different types such as above ground, in ground/pit and portable truck scales.

Features of Weighbridges

There are two crucial features that you should look out for when choosing weighbridge scales for your logistics and shipping sector. They are:

  • Accuracy

    This is perhaps the hallmark of any weighbridge truck scale. Overall, weighbridge scales should provide the highest standards of quality that guarantee dependable calculations and accuracy. Ultimately, the scales must be safe and meet the defined legal standards of the industry.

  • Design

    The design of the weighbridge scale is an important feature as it determines the functionality and durability. Most scales are made of a concrete foundation and a steel or combination of steel and concrete deck, making them extremely robust. Your truck scale can be either installed in ground/pit or above ground depending on the location of the scale in your facility and your business requirements.  Portable truck scales come with a lower framework, and are designed to be installed on a level surface, which could be a level dirt surface.

Streamlining Logistics with Weighbridge Scales

Weighbridge truck scales have been used in various sectors and industries such as mining, agriculture, and logistics. Modern scales have incorporated computer technologies for increased ease of use and efficiency. They may have various options for enhanced accuracy and customer specific features.

A typical weighbridge scale consists of three features namely processor, load cells/ sensors, and output displays.

Load Cells/ Sensors – These refer to the features that are mounted under the scale deck where the load is passed. Load Cells/ Sensors have the capability of capturing readings of the loads and trucks quickly. Modern sensors employ electrical technologies that require minimal contact while giving precise readings.

Processor – This utilizes the information that is read via the load cells/ sensors to compute the weights of the loads. Sensors are designed to capture various readings in different positions. Thus, the processor will collate these readings to come up with the ultimate weight.

Output displays – The output scale displays used today present a modern shift from older output displays. They are large ergonomic screens which support quick reading of the weights. Since the displays are separate units from the scale, you can mount the display unit close to the scale or a distance from the scale.

The shipping and logistics industry is tasked with measuring loads that go through pre-shipment warehouses and ports daily. Their activities call for speedy and accurate measurement of the load. When these attributes are absent, companies are bound to suffer violation penalties for overloading or lose payload revenues.

Taking Logistics to the Next Level

A number of loads that are passed through ports and pre-shipment warehouses must be measured. Thus, weighbridges offer an opportunity for precise readings with the use of various scales. The scales may be above ground or in ground/ pit mounted, depending on the location and use of the scale.

Weighbridges may be paired with indicators, software and state-of-the-art accessories to ensure that your business weighing and data management needs are comprehensive and complete. With a wide variety of options to choose from and an equally huge number of truck scale providers that provide them, it is crucial to ensure that you select a proper weighbridge scale that will address your specific needs.

Overall, using weighbridge truck scales is a step towards potentially saving thousands of dollars by avoiding paying costly fees for having trucks with weights exceeding the legal limits.

In conclusion, weighbridge scales introduce efficiencies, precision and accuracy in measurements within the logistics and shipping industries. You should choose the best scale for your business weighing needs and budget.  Contact the Quality Scales Unlimited sales team for more information on weighbridge scales.

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