Weighing Solutions for Operational Efficiency and Output

weighing solutions

Truck scales are often used for ensuring compliance with regulations. However they can also help with minimizing high impact loads, avoiding eccentric loading, and ensuring that you invoice your customers for the right quantities. They also boost your efficiency by actively keeping track of the weight shipped. Their unmatched precision translates into cost-effective weighing in the logistics sector while avoiding damage to the vehicle and ensuring safety. With this in mind, let’s take a look at several other benefits that can be gained by installing truck scales.

  • Avoiding FinesThe biggest and the most obvious advantage of a truck scale is the elimination of guesswork in meeting road regulations. The accuracy and reliability of truck scales prevent hefty transport fines and fatal road accidents caused due to overloading.
  • Improved Efficiency Truck scales facilitate accurate weighing of materials during the crucial stages of the manufacturing process or when the materials are being extracted. This helps in keeping constant track of on-site operations and determining areas that can be improvised using precise measurements.
  • Leveraging Data When Trucking Off-SiteOff-site trucking requires compliance with the regulations mandated by DOT regarding payload weight however, other factors that need to be considered are the cost of the fuel and the capabilities of the truck. Truck scales provide reliable results for aggregating logistics which makes it easy to implement the most effective and efficient plan.
  • Keeping a Constant Track of Operations for Informed Decision Making What you have planned on paper may not necessarily coincide with the actual execution, but knowing the extent of discrepancies between planning and implementation is the simplest way to stay on track. You may be using the latest technology and software solutions for streamlined operations but if you are unaware of vital site-specific variables that have a direct impact on your operations, it can hinder your ability to improve your operations.

If you do not have real-time visibility into what’s going on, it can be difficult to fix issues simply because you may not be aware they exist. Whether it is complying with regulations, tracking the cost of disposing waste or determining optimal payload, truck scales deliver accurate information in real-time.

Truck Scale Types and Applications

Different types of weighing solutions are available in the market to suit specific industry needs. It could be a prudent investment that boosts your bottom line but just like any other business decision, it requires some contemplation and research to ensure that you make the most of your investment. Here is some information on truck scales to help you select the best solution for your business needs:

  • Portable Truck Scales Portable truck scales are reliable and durable. They offer precision and make a practical solution for spaces that are restricted. They are easy to install, convenient to move and feature a heavy-duty steel frame. If your weighing demands are not very frequent, portable truck scales make a perfect choice.
  • Weighbridge Truck ScalesWeighbridge truck scales offer a fast and simple way of obtaining accurate axle weights for all types of road vehicles. Available as both static and dynamic solutions, weighbridge truck scales provide reliable results for large vehicles that feature self-compensating suspension systems. The only factor that needs to be considered when installing weighbridge truck scales is the suitability of the site. The site should be level and solid for reliable results.
  • On-Board Truck ScalesOn-board truck scales are one of the most efficient and cost-effective weighing solutions to eliminate overloading fines and ensure on-road safety. On-board truck scales are simple to use and add functionality to vehicle information like reducing fuel consumption and increasing operational savings by delivering accurate results at the point of loading.
  • Full-length Truck Scales These scales are the gold standard in the trucking industry for their durability and accuracy. All you need to do is position the truck on the scale and your everyday operations will be accurately managed. Ideal for trade use, full-length truck scales give you the right cargo weight for your trucks. Their capacity typically ranges from 50 to 100 tons and they can accommodate some of the largest trucks.
  • Axle-Pads Axle pad scales are designed to accurately weigh trucks and trailers, and are used with ramps installed above the ground. They can be used on both flat and gravel surfaces, making a suitable solution for weighing vehicles at temporary sites. Available in different makes and models, axle-pads typically come with different features and designs.

If you are looking for accurate and durable truck scales, call our sales team to learn your options. Quality Scales Unlimited also provide customized software applications that are easy to integrate with your truck scales. For pricing details, please call 800.722.5301.

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