What You Should Look for When Buying an Industrial Floor Scale

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Does your company need an industrial floor scale? Are you still unsure about what type of scale you should get?

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a floor scale. Ask yourself, is this scale suitable for my business and does the size of the scale suit the area the scale will be installed? Having a good quality scale that is specifically suited to your business needs will allow you to quickly and reliably measure all the products you wish to weigh.

If you’re in a business that requires specifications, such as QC/QA requirements, precise measurements are very important.

What should you be looking for when buying an industrial floor scale?

There are a lot of factors you should consider when choosing what type of scale to buy. If your business or factory has a lot of dust or flammable material, then you should take precautions and buy a scale that meets your specific standards for hazardous environments and safety. If the products you weigh are too heavy to lift, then it is advised that you buy a floor scale rather than a platform scale.

A floor scale is the best solution for weighing products that are too heavy to be lifted. They are also best suited for industrial environments such as, factories, manufacturers and recycling facilities. Floor scales are set-up on a level surface or housed in a “pit” specifically designed for the scale. Consult your scale provider for the best solution for you business requirements.

  • Standard Weights for the Scale Size
    Some factory specifications require specific units of measurement such as grams, pounds, ounces or grains. Modern electronic scales offer a wide range of units of measurements required for your factory or business.
  • Load Cells
    A load cell is a device that converts force into an electrical signal with the use of strain gauges.
  • Protected Load Cell Cables

    Most high quality floor scales run their load cell cables through specially designed channels underneath the scale. This design is to protect the cable from becoming damaged. This is a sign of quality, as the more structured and supported the scale is, the better its quality.

  • NTEP Approval

    If you only weigh light pallets and products occasionally, then a lower-priced floor scale can be a good fit for you. However, in the long run, investing in a NTEP approved, higher quality scale, would be the wiser choice. A higher quality scale will perform better, be more reliable and last longer, making the extra money spent beneficial in the future.

    NTEP approval is extremely important, as weighing and measuring devices are examined by government officials to ascertain whether their design and performance is consistent with the Weights and Measures requirements of the county in which the manufacturer wants to market the device.

    The purpose of this type of evaluation is to examine the design, features, operating characteristics, and performance of weighing and measuring devices for compliance with Weights and Measures requirements.

  • Digital Readouts

    The readout shows the weight of the item being weighed on the display. Higher quality readouts are usually housed in a stainless steel enclosure and include the weight display, a full keypad, and feature both battery and AC power.

  • Quality

    The best floor scale for you should be reliable and accurate, providing increased uptime and greater productivity. To get the best weighing results, make sure to choose a scale with the highest accuracy and maximum precision. Also bear in mind, the weight capacity that you require as well as the fact that the scale should have a broad weighing range for maximum flexibility.

  • Accessibility of the Scale

    Your selected floor scale should suit your needs for accessibility, whether your application requires a fixed installation, an easy-to-lift or a mobile solution. Mobile floor scales can be moved simply by lowering four wheels without mounting clamps or drilling holes in your floor. The scale can be parked wherever needed and allows for a complete cleaning of the production floor. If you need flexibility when it comes to accessing the scale in your work environment, there are several different scales that will meet your needs.

    Call Quality Scales Unlimited today! Our skilled and experienced professionals will help you choose the best floor scale for your business.

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