Wine Run 2016

Written by : Marchus Funke & Jesse Wetherell

wine run 2016

With the beginning of summer, comes the anticipation and preparation for the grape harvest in the Napa Valley and other wineries in Northern California.

As this summer comes to an end, we reflect on another successful “Wine Run” in 2016.

Quality Scales Unlimited has been calibrating and servicing scales for the Napa Valley Wine Industry since 1981 and has maintained a strong relationship with wineries and spirit producers throughout Northern California. Annually, we service the scales and weighing equipment required by our customers in the wine and spirits industries prior to the grape harvest.


Depending upon the timing of the grape harvest, we service our customer’s scales from June through October to ensure they can have a successful grape harvest. Leading up to the harvest we work with each winery to schedule their service while we are in the area servicing other wine industry customers. This preparation allows us to optimize effectiveness and service our customers in an efficient and economical manner.

From truck scales to lab scales, we prepare the weighing equipment needed during the grueling grape harvest. We understand how critical down time is during the grape harvest and strive to provide our customers with accurate and reliable equipment. Scales are used in a variety of ways within the Wine Industry; for instance floor scales and crane scales are used to determine each vineyards yield of grapes. Lab scales are used when testing the quality of wine and truck scales are used to buy and sell wine in bulk.

wine processing

In addition to inspecting, testing, calibrating and repairing scales, Quality Scales Unlimited can provide new and rental weighing equipment for the grape harvest and wine production.

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