Installations, Comprehensive Competitive Maintenance Programs and Repairs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year

Utilizing eighteen licensed field service technicians with over 250 years of combined experience, Quality Scales Unlimited is the largest industrial scale company in Northern California and Nevada.  We work on electronic and mechanical weighing equipment from all manufacturers, installed in a wide variety of applications. Our nine heavy capacity test trucks and twenty utility trucks are fully equipped and stocked with parts necessary for most repair calls. Our 5,000 square foot shop and five acre yard provides ample space for stocking a large inventory of scales and repair parts.  We pride ourselves on prompt field service response time with on-call dispatch available 24/7.  Dependable, quality service at competitive prices with customer satisfaction is our goal.

Scale Calibration

Scales can become out of calibration for a variety of reasons including wear and tear on components, environmental changes, buildup under the scale and more. The problem with a scale out of calibration is someone always loses.  In commercial transactions, either the seller is giving away free product or the buyer is paying for product he or she did not receive. Scale calibration is one of the core services provided by Quality Scales Unlimited.  Our technicians can calibrate any manufacturer or capacity of electronic or mechanical scale.  Our technicians use certified known weights, traceable to NIST to calibrate. After weight testing and calibration, we create Certificates of Calibration.  We can customize calibration certificates to meet your business needs.  Contact our service department for more information or a sample of our Certificates of Calibration.
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Preventative Maintenance

Many times a scale is a business’s cash register; inaccurate weight readings and unexpected down time can lead to lost revenue.  One way to minimize these issues is to routinely perform preventative maintenance on your scale.  Below is the list of tests and inspections done during a Standard Preventative Maintenance appointment.  A regularly scheduled preventative maintenance service will extend the life of your scale, maintain accuracy, avoid equipment downtime and minimize repair expenses. Quality Scales Unlimited’s technicians can customize a preventative maintenance service designed specifically for your scale.  Call our service department for an appointment or more information.
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Standard Preventative Maintenance

  • Test indicators and load cells
  • Inspect and clear the area surrounding the scale
  • Level and examine condition of the platform
  • Test moisture levels in boxes, cables, and load cells
  • Inspect cables for damage
  • Inspect and test connections
  • Test using weight standards traceable to NIST
  • Adjust and calibrate per guidelines specified in Handbook 44
  • Generate Certificates of Calibration

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Quality Scales Unlimited’s technicians pride themselves in troubleshooting inaccurate and malfunctioning scales.  Our techs work to restore the integrity of your equipment as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  In most cases, we can make the repairs during the same day because our utility and test trucks arrive stocked with tools, parts, and NIST traceable certified test weights.
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Quality Scales Unlimited’s technicians have the skills to install any manufacturer, model, or capacity of electronic and mechanical scales. We specialize in truck scale installations and will customize the install to meet your specific needs. Need a pit for your in-ground truck scale?  QSU will provide a contractor that can do that too!  After any installation, we calibrate the scale using NIST certified traceable weights and place the equipment into service with Weights and Measures if required.  Think of QSU as your turn-key solution to scale installation.
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Electronic scales now dominate the scale market and are driving mechanical scales and parts towards obsolescence. If you own a mechanical scale, you know replacing worn out or damaged parts can be pricey or even impossible to source.  One way to solve this problem is to convert your mechanical scale to electronic using load cells. Mechanical conversions begin with replacing a scale’s mechanical “weighing beam” with a load cell. Load cells installed within the mechanical system give the scale an electrical weight reading by measuring the load applied to the scale. The load cell’s electrical weight reading allows for data collection and printing, eliminating human error from hand written tickets. Mechanical conversions can be performed on almost all mechanical truck scales, hoppers and floor scales.  QSU has completed conversions for satisfied customers who report ease of use, greater accuracy as well as fewer costly repairs after their scale conversion. Out with the old weigh, in with the new!
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Need a scale for a short term project? Quality Scales Unlimited has a variety of scales for rent, including heavy capacity truck scales, precision balances and many options in between. We own over 25 rental floor scales and indicators that vary in capacity.  Our rental truck scales and floor scales are designed for portability and ease of set up. Call us today and we can deliver and set up your rental scale tomorrow.  We offer weekly, monthly, or yearly rental contracts.  Contact us to source the right scale for your short term needs.*
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Call for 24 Hour Service

Need scale repair service ASAP?  Our technicians are available 24/7/365 for emergency service.  Quality Scales Unlimited knows scales can malfunction any hour or day of the week.
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*Please note we do not sell our rental scales or previously owned scales.