Things You Need to Know About Washdown Scales

washdown floor scale

Scales are used in a number of industries. Some industries use their scales in demanding settings that can have messy applications, rugged conditions, dirty surroundings or a damp environment. Washdown scales are well suited for such conditions as they can resist liquids and particles from entering the internal components of the scale.

Why is it Called a Washdown Scale?

The term washdown refers to a kind of protection industrial floor scales have. These scales have protection against water, dust and numerous substances. It is important to pay attention to the Ingress Protection (IP) rating and the language that is used in the description to ensure that the scale has the needed capabilities for the environment it would be installed in. IP ratings indicate how much resistance the scale would have against elements like water and dust and what kind of cleaning the scale can handle. Some washdown scales can resist a humid environment and spills of various materials while others can be washed safely with a pressure hose.

The Significance of IP Rating

The International Electrotechnical Commission is the world’s leading organization which regulates and sets the standards for defining the type of protection for all electrical, electronic and related technologies — such as Ingress Protection for washdown floor scales.

So, what is Ingress Protection rating? This number corresponds to the level of the protection that is offered by the scales. The degree of ingress protection is expressed as ‘IP’ that is followed by a two-digit number — for example IP65, IP66 or IP67. The numbers in the term vary depending on the amount of protection that the scales provide.

The first digit designates the degree of protection against particulate matter such as dust. The second digit indicates how well the equipment is protected against water. The higher the digits, the higher is the amount of protection offered. The washdown scales must have an IP rating of at least 65.

Industries Using Washdown Scales

A number of industries use washdown bench scales as they are resistant to things like dust, and water; further increasing the longevity of the scales even when they are used in tougher and more rugged conditions. Washdown scales are used in these harsher environments as they have the protection against the elements, and in turn, do not lose their calibration like a standard scale might.

Because these scales can be hosed down, you can easily remove residual particles and debris after weighing. This minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination, removes the build-up of dirt and eliminates the growth of bacteria, mold or other toxins.

Due to these advantages, industries that implement washdown scales include:

  • Food industry and Retail Stores

    The food industry is governed by strict hygiene standards that require frequent and thorough cleanings to avoid cross-contamination. Using washdown scales for weighing food makes the process more convenient, facilitates easy cleaning and ensures compliance with food hygiene standards.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries

    Medical and pharmaceutical industries rely on washdown scales for maintaining a sterile environment and avoiding contamination when weighing chemicals, samples and powders.

  • Factories, Warehouses and Construction Sites

    Made from high-quality stainless steel, industrial floor scales are accurate, durable, and offer ultimate water and dust protection, making them a robust solution for rugged industrial settings that have a lot of dust and dirt particles.

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