Types of Truck Scales: Buyer’s Guide

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Truck scales are a large set of scales that are usually mounted on concrete foundations and are used to weigh railway cars or trucks along with their contents. By weighing the railway car or truck when it is both empty and loaded, the load it carries can be easily calculated. Industries that use several trucks in their daily operations need to have a reliable and accurate scale system installed so as to ensure that their business operations are running efficiently. As such, truck scales are important as they aid in safeguarding the company’s profit streams. The scales have, over time, become technologically advanced weighing tools that come in various sizes, depending on their specific applications.For instance, there are many types of truck scales available on the market that utilize the most advanced technology, catering to various applications that range from light farm use to heavy duty industrial use.

Mining Truck Scales

To ensure that mining operations run with the utmost efficiency, a dependable weighing system must be installed to maximize the accuracy of weighing the minerals and other contents extracted during a mining operation. Mining truck scales can help in two ways:

      • To help in monitoring the efficiency of the mining operation.
      • To help keep an accurate record of transactions to determine revenues.

Mining truck scales are built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. Mining scales such as conveyor scales, rail scales, and belt weighing scales are designed in a manner that allows them to weigh extracted minerals, even while they are in motion, helping to ensure that the mining records and weight data are accurate.

Farm Truck Scales

Advancement in technology means that trucks scales can be specifically engineered for very specific functions. Farm truck scales are a very innovative and economical approach to weighing trucks. They are used to determine the weight of all types of vehicles, from planting to harvesting. There are several configurations of farm truck scale systems that allow agricultural producers to accurately determine the weight of their products. Different farm truck scales, like a grain dump truck scale, provide added efficiency because it can weigh truckloads of goods and unload them while still on the scale.

Rail Scales

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Railcar weighing is a key aspect of railway operations because it helps to monitor product deliveries and ensures that overloading penalties are avoided. In addition to assisting in avoiding overloading or eccentric loading, rail scales help to prevent any possible damage to the railcars or the wagon infrastructure, two factors that could lead to a derailment.

Knowing the accurate weight of railcars is also an important factor in minimizing high-impact loads, especially at rail crossings and track terminals. In terms of revenue, it is necessary to know the accurate weight of the railcars so that one can properly invoice clients before the contents are shipped. All in all, railcar scales are essential for smooth weighing operations.

Onboard Truck Scales

Onboard truck scales are weighing systems that are integrated with the actual hauling vehicles and are capable of weighing load while it is on the vehicle. Some of these truck scales can also work whilst the truck is in motion.Onboard truck scales are becoming very popular because they have versatile applications and very accurate weighing capabilities, given the payload, size, and weight of the vehicle. These truck scales can also accurately measure on-demand minor fluctuations in a vehicle’s net weight, such as fuel level and tire weight.A plus point of these onboard truck scales is that they are tested to work within large temperature ranges, on trucks transporting more than 100 tons in severe conditions. Hence, they can be used in a wide range of industries ranging from the food industry to the farming, logging, and mining industries. Some onboard truck scales are wireless and the results of the measurements are displayed on a palm-sized handheld monitor. These truck scales can also be equipped on trains and railway cars for high-volume mining and agricultural operations. Onboard weighing systems can even be integrated on today’s farm scale systems, like grain dumps and other heavy duty agricultural equipment, to make the weighing process easier.

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